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Learning Adventure’s at Westwood


At Westwood Primary our main aims are to ensure that:

  • Everyone will learn
  • Everyone will be included
  • There will be a culture of creativity and inspiration

We believe that providing our children with a curriculum that is hands on, inspiring and engaging is key.  All children should enjoy leaning and be passionate about what they are doing. Through our curriculum we want to generate a culture of ‘botheredness’. When learning we want our children to be immersed in what they are doing, to feel bothered, to care and to empathise. At Westwood we strongly believe that if we can create this sense of ‘botheredness’ our children will want to learn, want to engage, be passionate about what they are doing and in return make good progress.

At Westwood we place great value on the wider curriculum and through our way of working ensure that each and every subject is wrapped up in our values and beliefs.

All Foundation subjects at Westwood are taught in a 2 year rolling cycle ensuring the coverage of all areas. Each half term teachers decide from the long term what their driving subject will be. From this teachers create an adventure/story which allows all subjects within that half term to be covered including writing and maths and reading where possible. The purpose of the adventure/story is to create the ‘botheredness’. It allows children to feel a purpose for what they are doing. It provides them with the opportunity to care, to empathise, to problem solve, to generate enterprise, to be hands on, to be inspired and to be passionate. The adventure allows fluidity between all subjects, it allows cross-curricular links to be made and it allows children to become completely immersed in their learning for the half term. During each half term every piece of learning the children are involved in links to the next. This means that timetables are left flexible – no subject should be taught at a certain given point in the day. The order of learning completely depends on where the learning adventure takes them next.

At Westwood we believe that taking children on an adventure through their learning is exciting! So are you ready to go on an adventure with us?

Key Stage 1 and 2 Long Term Plans


Please click on the links below to read the adventures each Key stage has been on so far this year.

Class 5/6W


Adventure 1 : Mysterious Mayan Mission

John Lloyd Stephens, a famous American explorer, has built a time machine that will allow him to set up a business taking tourists to the Mayan civilisation. Will the Mayan people think it is a good idea? Class 5/6W are going along on the adventure to find out.


Adventure 2: A Wartime Tale

As we began our adventure, we met two children called Nancy and Edwin. They are 6 and 8 years old and living in London in the year 1939. They were confused by what is going on in the world as they keep hearing little snippets of the news on the radio about wars. They don’t understand what it all means so that is where we come in. We are going to help them understand all about World War Two.


Adventure 3: A Whole New World

After a hot air balloon crashed on the school playground, the children of Class 5/6W met the famous documentary maker, Barnaby Myles. Once we had helped him repair his balloon, we were invited to join him as he travels the world making his Television series...


Adventure 4: Rio Vs The Rainforest

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro, we landed beside the statue of Christ the Redeemer and found ourselves in the midst of two clashing groups of protesters: one wanting to save the rainforest near the city and another group who wanted the rainforest cut down to make more living room for the cities inhabitants. In this adventure, we will explore both sides of the debate and come to our own conclusion:

What should happen to the rainforest?


Adventure 5: Pompeii Palaver

During the Easter break, Westwood received a letter from an Italian hotel owner, Gino, begging for our help. Gino's hotel, which is situated near Pompeii, was damaged by an earthquake in 2017 and since then his stream of tourists has dried up. He asks for our help in coming up with ideas on how to conquer the threats posed by both future earthquakes and the volcano while building his business back up to its former glory.