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Sports Funding

Sport's Funding 2016/2017

Westwood School Sport Report

Sports Funding

2015 – 2016



The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for academic years 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - will be allocated to primary school head teachers. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.


2014 –2015 Funding Overview



Cost Implication

Intended Impact

Premier Sports after school clubs


  • To raise profile of alternative school sport.
  • To build up teams within the school and give them a chance to compete regularly.
  • To raise sporting standards.
  • To develop links with local groups
  • Increase participation in after school clubs

 Climbing wall


  • Some funding towards a climbing wall.
  • To give the children opportunity to develop climbing experience and fundamental movement skills.

Staff Training 



  • To provide training for staff to improve the quality of PE teaching.



  • To facilitate the sports curriculum.


Sports Premium Funding



Main priorities of funding


  • To give as many children as possible the opportunity to take part in competitions or sporting events during the academic year 2015-16
  • To maximize the amount of time children are active during the school day
  • Develop and maintain a consistent, exciting and creative PE curriculum


2015- 2016 Funding Overview



Cost Implication

Intended Impact

Real PE


  • Enhance the children’s emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, sport and in the classroom
  • Improve staff confidence and skills in teaching PE effectively
  • Develop children’s agility, balance and coordination in order to meet the objectives of the new curriculum
  • Improve attainment in PE and sport

Lunchtime Sport provision


  • Maximise the amount of time children are engaged in physical activity
  • Children have more opportunities to take part in positive competition
  • Improve the health and fitness of our children
  • Impact positively on behavior and reduce the number of incidences of negative behavior at lunch times



  • Children access competitions throughout the year
  • Provide opportunities to compete against other schools locally and regionally
  • Develop children’s sportsmanship and team work
  • To raise the profile of PE and sport at Westwood



  • Support the delivery of the new curriculum
  • Staff are able to deliver more creative and exciting PE lessons
  • Children experience a range of resources to improve their physical skills

Sports Premium Funding