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Art at Westwood 2019-2020


At Westwood, art is continually taught throughout every adventure each half term. Our art lessons are an ongoing process through which all children are given opportunities to develop specific skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to work in variety of media, style and form. Art at Westwood enables children of all abilities to use their creative imagination to achieve their potential with guidance and given criteria. Children work individually and within a group to develop the social and personal skills. . Children are given the opportunities to develop specific art skills and reinforce skills already established. These skills can be looked at on the curriculum pages below where the progression of art skills, knowledge and understanding can clearly be seen throughout each year group. 


At Westwood, we like to use art to open the doors to different opportunities and make sure that it is not just restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Click the pages below to see what we've been up to!

Art Curriculum Intent and Implementation at Westwood

Westwood Art Long Term Plan