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Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good half term and are now ready for our new adventure!



We are continuing our work with bar graphs in Maths. Reading a range of different graphs to find out lots of different information!


Today's task:

GP: Answer the questions using the information from the bar graph. Remember, when you're finding 'how many more?' take the smaller amount from the larger amount to find the difference.


Workbook sheets: Use the bar graphs to answer the questions. The key is little bit different for these questions so you need to look even closer to find the answer!


Watch the video on the 7x table and sing along! Send videos to the class email!

7 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

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This week in Guided Reading we're looking at two chapters from our adventure text! Charlie and the chocolate factory! 


The skill focus this week is summarisation: Being able to pick key/important parts from the text and re-tell the gist of the story. We will be doing lots of activities to improve our summarisation skills throughout this week. 


Today's task:


Read the different passages taken from the text and think about what is the most important part/line. Afterwards, tell me why you have chosen this sentence, why is it in important part of the story? What does it tell us? How does it help us summarise that passage?


You're Willy Wonka!

This week in writing you're going to write a letter of invitation to children all over the world, telling them all about your wonderful chocolate factory and the opportunity for five lucky children to visit!


In today's lesson we're going to look at an example letter (invitation) and pick out the important features:

-Address of sender.

-Formal greeting.



-Formal tone.

-Main paragraph.

-Concluding paragraph.


Today's task:

-Neatly write the address of the sender in the top right corner (You! Mr Wonka).

-Create a colourful Wonka logo and put this in the top left corner.

-Write a formal greeting to begin your letter.


Underneath, there is an example of mine.


Firstly, go through the power point about Scotland.


Then, label the different parts of the U.K. and as a challenge label the seas too! Use the internet to research the answer.


Following this, answer the questions using the information you learnt from the powerpoint. 


Finally, chose one of the four activities and complete it.