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A Wartime Tale

A Wartime Tale


Meet Nancy and Edwin- they are 6 and 8 years old and living in the year 1939. They are a little bit confused by what is going on in the world at the minute as they keep hearing little snippets of the news on the radio about wars and allies. They don’t really understand what it all means.


A few weeks later, Nancy and Edwin have had a long, sleepless night. They have spent the night with their neighbours hiding in a shelter. They had gone to bed last night and were woken by a loud siren then their mum took them to a safe place. It was dark when they left the house, so they’re not sure exactly where they have stayed.


When they went back home, Nancy and Edwin found a leaflet on the floor explaining rationing. They don’t understand what the word means and how it’s going to affect them.


Following a spate of air raids, Nancy and Edwin’s mum wants to make sure they are all as safe as possible in their home. She has heard that she should black out her windows so that enemy planes can’t see light from houses and target them.


Unfortunately, despite efforts to protect their homes, Nancy and Edwin have heard that London has been badly hit. They’ve heard being called ‘The Blitz’ and that lots of bombs were dropped from planes destroying many buildings.


The next day at school, Nancy and Edwin had some bad news. They were told that they will be leaving for the country tomorrow. Their teacher told them that it was for their own safety and that when they get home tonight, they should pack a suitcase with everything they need.


On the journey to the countryside, Nancy is getting upset and scared about leaving her mummy. Edwin is really struggling to make her feel better. He knows that Nancy really likes hearing stories, but at the minute, he can’t think of any to cheer her up.


After a few hours on the train, Nancy and Edwin have arrived in the countryside and been selected by a lady who says they should call her Auntie Mary. She is a religious woman who lives on a farm and is sterner than they are used to. Nancy isn’t happy. She’s homesick and misses mum. Edwin is settling in better and suggests that she gives it a go and that she writes to mum in the meantime to make her feel a little better.


A week later, Nancy and Edwin receive a reply from mum. She has good news. Her Auntie Mabel (their great auntie) lives in the country and has agreed that all 3 of them can live with them until the war is over.