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Welcome to your adventure lessons from Monday 1st June. 


We’re going to start our exciting new adventure: Pompeii Palaver! This is the adventure that we would have done in school too so hopefully you'll be able to enjoy some of the activities that we would have done (and lots of extra ones) at home. Here is the story that we will be following on our journey so have a read, so you have an idea of what’s to come…


When you have read the story, you can work through the daily activities that you'll find on the weekly pages below.


Pompeii Palaver

A holiday company, “Gino’s Excursions”, is experiencing a drop in the number of visitors to Pompeii, in Italy. After an earthquake in 2017, part of their hotel there was destroyed and since then, the number of guests visiting has dropped dramatically. They rely on this destination for the majority of their profit and as people are now going elsewhere, they are facing bankruptcy. They need help to attract more visitors. What can we do?

In order to learn more about Pompeii, we need to visit Italy. We meet up with Gino who takes us to the country of Italy and we find out about where it is in Europe, the main cities and key landmarks. He then takes us to Pompeii where we learn more about the city itself, the tourism and trade links. He told us about Mount Vesuvius and what happened when it erupted. He encouraged us to learn more about earthquakes and volcanoes to help them understand why it might be worrying for tourists to come. Maybe this is the reason why people are reluctant to visit; worry about another earthquake or eruption? How can we turn this around?

Whilst in Pompeii, we spot an area of disused land. Locals hate the sight of it and it has become a hotspot for vandalism. How can we solve the problem of this and stop “Gino’s Excursions” from becoming bankrupt?

Gino suggests building a new hotel/resort on the land. Can the children design this resort including the following: food/restaurant; leisure facilities; children’s provision; logo and name; safety procedures in case of earthquake/volcano; and Pompeii excursion. They can then present their designs to Gino who will select a winner!