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Angels Miracles and Magic

Angels, Miracles and Magic


There once was an Angel,

Her dress was untidy,

Her Halo was crooked,

She was clumsy,

And very forgetful.

Everyone called her Whoops-a-Daisy Angel.


This little angel had her head full of thoughts and she felt in a slump!

She was sick of feeling left out and alone,

She was down in the dumps and let out a groan!

“I wonder why it’s never me that’s chosen.

How can I make sure I get my nose in?”


The little clumsy Angel was never asked to do the special jobs.

The other angels were always chosen she thought they were such snobs!

She was only ever allowed to count snowflakes,

As the other angels were rewarded with cakes.


In a very hot land, down on earth,

Mary had been chosen, she was going to give birth,

Mary and Joseph had been chosen by god,

To do a very special job,

They were to have god’s special child,

And the whole world will rejoice and go wild.


At last the Angel was trusted with a job,

She had to give this news to the Shepherd mob,

News that a special baby would be born,

Even though her clothes were all torn.


She spread the news far and wide,

There was nowhere anyone could hide,

She told three Kings old and wise,

To travel far following a star in the skies.


This baby was special, everyone could see,

They got to Bethlehem and went down on one knee,

Praising the baby and giving a nod,

As he was known to be the son of god!