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Anglo Saxons

UKS2 island invaders adventure

Children in year 5 and 6 have immersed themselves into the lives of the Anglo Saxons and the viking invasion of England.

Below you can find examples of the work produced by children of KS2 throughout their Anglo-Saxon adventure.

Key Skills

Children covered the following key skills:

Comparing anglo saxon times to now:

Focusing on houses children compared how Anglo Saxon homes compared to those we live in today.

They also looked at how clothes of Anglo Saxon people differed from those of today.

Using a range of sources for information:


Thinking chronologically:


Understanding how the past has influenced the present:



Opportunities for writing

Children had lots of opportunities to write about their Island invaders adventure including:

An advert advertising Anglo-Saxon weapons:

A recount of our trip to Danelaw:



Cross Curricular Links


Children had the opportunity to create some art work of viking longships in the style of John Constable



Children located the countries associated with the Island invaders.