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Are You Incredible?

Be Incredible!

At the end of our last exciting adventure we were all turned into superheroes. However, we don’t know what our superpowers are. So, it’s off to superhero school for us. But they won’t let us join until we get our superpowers. To help us find them we get assigned to a superhero family – The Incredibles. We join Mr. Incredible on his mission to defeat baddie robot. Using all our strength we beat the machine. Mr. Incredible gets home, only to be told that he needs look after Jack-Jack. Unfortunately Jack-Jack is having a bit of a tantrum, so we need to help him calm down. Using some mindfulness we manage to calm him down.


Elast1girl (Mrs. Incredible) says that we can join her on her next mission so she can show us all how to stretch and be flexible. Her mission is to stop a speeding train, she uses her superpower to become a parachute and slows the train to a complete stop. When we get on the train we find the driver with hypnotising glasses on that make him do naughty things. We take the glasses off him and he returns to his normal self.

Next we go on a mission with Violet to find the magical flower. It has been broken into different pieces and the baddie has hidden them in the forest. We go with her to find each piece in the woods. We have to learn about and identify different types of trees and plants. We find the magical flower but the baddies escape. How are we ever going to get these baddies?


Then we meet Dash, he is really fast but he brags about it all the time. We overhear some of the other superheroes complaining about him. They really don’t like how he keeps saying that he is the fastest! We set up a race for them all to join in, Dash wins, but we help him to be a good winner. Dash is then assigned a mission to get the remote control for a new robot that the baddies have built. Using his super speed Dash gets the remote but the baddies begin to chase him. Eventually, he gets away, few!


We still don’t know what our super power is! So we are sent to Frozone, he shows us how his super power works. But then the baddie attacks! Frozone explains that to defeat this baddie we need to work as a team. Together with the help of the Incredibles we defeat the baddie and the world is safe once again.