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Back to the Woods

Back to the Woods

Once upon a time lived a very sad Bear, who was lost in a giant town called Leeds. He searched far and wide to find anyone who could help him and become his friend. Eventually he found himself in a small town called Middleton, where he found a small building with a tree on its sign, it reminded him of the time he used to live in a beautiful woodland area. So he decided to enter the building in search for friends to help him find his way back home. Inside he found Birch and Ash class, who were all so new to the place called Westwood and welcoming to Bear! The children told Bear all about themselves and what they like to do at home and in their school.


Bear loved finding out about all their interests but he couldn’t help still feeling sad. All the children offered to be Bear friends but when they could see that he was still sad they asked him what the matter was. He explained how they didn’t look anything like him and they all lived in strange, unfamiliar homes, nothing like his home in the woods.


Therefore the children thought for a while and decided to send Bear around the local area to try and find the perfect home for him. Suddenly on his walk, he heard a very strange squelch and the sound of squeaks and grunts. As he got closer, he was surprised to find a small pig, a middle sized pig and a big pig, stuck in the mud. “Help us, help us, we went in the mud for a bath and now we are stuck,” said the big pig. It took Bear no time at all to realise he had to rescue these poor pigs! Using a really long stick, Bear pulled the pigs out one by one- 1, 2, 3. He was very surprised to find out that they too, were looking for their perfect home after the wolf had been up to his old tricks again blowing down their houses.


The pigs and Bear decided to go on the journey to find their perfect homes together. Bear was very happy to have made some animal friends, who seemed more like him! All of a sudden, the smallest pig whispered, “Sshh, I can hear splashing coming from Miggy Park ahead, I wonder who it is, I hope it’s not the wolf again.” It didn’t take long till Bear and the pigs arrived at Middleton Park. They heard whimpering sounds coming from the lake and as soon as they got over there they could see a small, wet rabbit swimming frantically. Bear with the help from the pigs, quickly called for help. Within seconds, the sirens were heard from the police, firemen and local vet. Working together they rescued Rabbit from the deep, murky water. Bear shouted, “What on earth were you doing in there, rabbits don’t belong in the water!” The Rabbit replied, “I saw something sparkly at the bottom of the lake and I couldn’t resist. The vet checked rabbit over and gave him the all clear. The policemen warned Bear and the three pigs not to go near the lake as it was very dangerous and there are no signs warning anybody not to go into the water!


On Bear, the three pigs and now the Rabbit walked on through Middleton Park. Swishy, swashy, swishy, swashy went the long, green grass. They then all heard a hoot ahead. They came across a rather sad looking Owl. Owl explained that she lost all her eggs while she was trying to find a suitable home for them all, where is wasn’t too light. The team (now Bear, the three pigs, Rabbit and Owl) quickly set to work to find the missing eggs. Bear realised that when he was on his walk looking for the perfect home we came across a pile of eggs so thought to jeep them save in his ________ bag. But he had a problem! He had only left his bag in Birch and Ash class. Bear quickly, used his phone to call Miss Daniels/ Mrs Burke, to ask if the children could return the eggs safely to Owl relatives.


Just as the team, where to starting to think they would never find the perfect home for them, the Gruffalo appeared! He knew Miggy Park better than anyone and he was sure he would be able to find them all the perfect home! But there was one problem, the magical fairies of Middleton wouldn’t let anybody in without a song! Luckily, the Gruffalo knew a fantastic song and quickly managed to teach Bear and his news friends all the words and actions! As soon as the song was sung, it was safe for them to enter the woods. The Gruffalo had to rush off for owl ice-cream, so he left them with a map to find the perfect home. Bear was overjoyed to have found the pigs and travelled to Middleton Park, as it reminded him just of his old home. It didn’t take long till the three Pigs, Owl, Rabbit and Bear had all found their perfect home. Bear decided to invite Birch and Ash class to come and meet his new friends and see his beautiful home. When they arrived at the park they were so happy to find bear very happy and settled with his new friends! He had finally found his happily, ever after!




The End.