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Beans, greens and tall dreams

Beans, greens and tall dreams Adventure


Welcome to the story, I’m really glad to meet you, we’re going on an adventure, I really hope you’ll come.


Close your eyes and imagine,

a castle in the sky,

with tall turrets and a garden,

that stretches far and wide.

It’s guarded by a giant,

who calls the castle home.


There’s no way of getting there,

But a challenge is what I love,

One day I had the chance to go

Up to those clouds above.

It wasn’t by plane and it wasn’t by ladder,

Beans were the answer but how did they work.

I planted the beans with care and I thought, what do they need soil, water and a fork.


Dig and sow, dig and sow that’s pretty much how it goes.

Try it out and you will find something amazing rise from the ground.


I looked from my window and there it was,

brightly coloured and growing right above.

Up, up, up I climbed,

my mind was full of what I’d find.

Eventually I reached the clouds,

And heard a very loud sobbing sound.

My head poked out above the white and there I saw a very sad sight.


The giant lay there head in hands,

Crying out so very loud,

‘Have you come to steal my stuff?’ Jack did that he was mean and rough.

I’ve felt so sad since then.

I really don’t want it to happen again.

My feet are sore and my teeth hurt too. I just don’t know what I can do.

Tim looked across at the giant’s feet. Your shoes look much too small you see.

Let me measure them and we can find why your feet hurt when they touch the ground.


Tim took out his tape and measured his feet,

I’ve found the problem you silly eep. Their size 16 and your wearing 10 . He then measured his shoes again, they are way too small that just won’t do.

The Giant looked at Tim and asked “What shall we do?”

We need to find the shoes that fit, let me measure them you just sit.


Now that’s sorted let’s look at your teeth. Open wide let’s take a peep.

Are you keeping them healthy and clean?


As a thank you, I leave you this egg, it is not one you can eat with your bread. The egg was bigger than Tim imagined. It was big and golden, far too big to be holding.

Now it is time, you leave me be, so I can read all of my books and poetry. Until we meet again, thank you for becoming my friend.