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Exploring Purple Mash.

I can access 2Dos: I can search PM to find resources: I can navigate the different sections of PM: I can use drawing tools

Cdn created a new look for one of their Transport Adventure Characters using 2Design&Make.                                                         


Unit 1.7 - Coding

I can say what a block of code is: I can design a simple program using 2Code: I can design a background and add a character using Design Mode; I can use Collision Detection: I can add a sound: I can save my work


Cdn used 2Code Chimp to learn how to select code blocks to achieve a specific effect. They then moved on to design their own background and add a character to their program, following which they created a simple program to move their character.


Unit 1.2 & 1.3 - Sorting and Pictograms


The children learnt how to sort objects using a variety of criteria by playing some of the sorting games on Purple Mash. They then went on to learn how to create Pictograms, gathering, representing and interpreting simple data.



Here are Blossom class having some Christmas fun using the painting apps on Purple Mash.



Unit 1.8 - Spreadsheets

This half term the children will be learning how to use spreadsheets. They will learn how to change the colour of the cells, add images & digits and how to lock and unlock cells.


Their Adventure is all about pirates this half term so they will use the skills they have learnt to create a treasure map.