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Celebration Assembley

Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we hold a celebration assembly to celebrate the successes of our classes and their hard work throughout the week. A child will be chosen as star of the week based on their effort and achievement. We also celebrate ‘Good Work‘ any ‘British Values’. The children have 5 cards they can collect for British Values. 


Star of the Week

Week 1 - Tyllan - for explaining his well thought out ideas and involving others in his plans. 

Week 2 - Aubree - for developing confidence, making new friends and being an explorer in all the areas of the classroom. 


Week 3 - Olivier - for drawing an excellent bear.


Week 4 - Sienna - for excellent number skills. 


Week 5 - Phoebe  - for brilliant reading


Week 6 - Esperance - for excellent ideas in the provision 


Week 7 - Vinnie - for excellent ideas in the provision 


Autumn 2 

Week 1 - Tyler L for excellent teamwork 




Spring 2 

Star of the Week - Week 4 - Ilina (for excellent reading)

Good Work 

Week 1 - Louise - for excellent effort while trying to write her name. 

Week 2 - Olivier for building the most incredible tower of blocks. 


Week 3 - Tyllan for excellent number work.


Week 4 - Jayden for matching shapes really well.

British Values 

Week 1 - Jayden - the rule of law - for remembering to follow the rules and treat others with respect.


Hollie - Mutual Respect - for sharing toys with other children and playing and exploring with others. 


Louise - The rule of law - for respecting the classroom rules and making sure other people follow them.


Jayden  - mutual respect 


week 6 - Alfie Tighe for mutual respect - being kind to friends 

Spring 2 - Freya  - Democracy for always being an excellent helper