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Changes Through the Ages

Changes through the Ages


We start on our first day back at school by writing a recount of our holidays. The next day, we have found that someone in class forgot to write their name on their recount. We ask the children who went to visit Stonehenge in the holidays. There is no reply. So we start to read out the mysterious recount to see if anyone recognises it. This is when we realise it hasn’t come from anyone in our class. It has come from a brother and sister named Greg and Eve. The recount begins to tell us that they visited their Grandma in Swindon, where they also took a trip to visit Stonehenge. The recount leaves us on a bit of a cliff-hanger as it says they go on an adventure, but the rest of the recount has been ripped.


We decide to find out more about Stonehenge. We want to know where it is, what it was used for and if it is near anything else. We write a persuasive leaflet to persuade people to go and visit Stonehenge. We then become Greg and Eve and discover that they actually transported back in time when they were at Stonehenge. We then decide to write a diary about what had happened to us.


Once we transported back in time, we realised that Stonehenge was no longer there. Instead we meet two children called Grug and Ugger. They teach use about Stone Age artefacts and we compare this with our present day lives. They also take us to a cave where they show us their cave paintings. We compare these with religious symbols and they show us how to make our very own cave paintings. From these, we create a fantastic adventure story in role as Stone Age children. They then take us to their village “Skara Brae” where we design our own house and then write this on to a housing advert to sell to other Stone Age villagers.


We then realise how hungry we all are! Grug and Ugger take us hunting. We use Javelins on the field to spear our food. Once we have caught out food, we will take this back to our village and try the different Stone Age foods and evaluate them. Next we will create a Stone Age menu to share around the village. We feel we’re not quite satisfied with the food as there isn’t much variation. That’s when Grug and Eve mention this “new thing” they’ve heard about… Farming. They take us to visit a Neolithic farm to see what it’s all about. We label the different pictures and write a comparative setting description. Suddenly we see a man dragging a huge stone across a hill in the distance. We go to investigate…


Stonehenge has appeared! The man was dragging a stone to the circle. We must be in the Bronze Age! Grug and Ugger don’t know what this Stonehenge is, Greg and Eve have to explain as they learnt about it on their visit. To research more information, we use the computers. We then write an extremely detailed non-chronological report on Stonehenge. As we will need a diagram for our report, we create a 3D model using salt dough that we can take a picture of to include in our report.


We then want to explore the different the different materials of stone and bronze to learn more about these ages. We complete a news report about the fantastic discovery of this new bronze material and how it will change people’s lives. Grug and Ugger will then tell us about the tools that are used in the Bronze Age and the “Bell Beaker People” where we will make our very own beakers from clay. Instructions will be written on how to make these. Suddenly, the sun sets in Stonehenge again and we’re travelling in time! This time we land in the Iron Age. Thank goodness we’re getting a little closer to home.


Grug and Ugger have vanished and are no longer with us. The must be stuck in the Bronze Age. We look around and notice some strange houses. We can’t see or hear anyone so we investigate them. They are roundhouses. Suddenly we find ourselves caught in a crossfire between different villages! We write a diary about our scary experience. While we try and wait the fight out, we are ushered into a roundhouse by two Iron Age children named Helga and Bork. They keep us safe and tell us that we’re actually in a Hillfort. Once the battle settles down, they take us on a tour and explain why they’re so great. We write a letter home explaining this and make sure we include a very detailed setting description so that our mums and dads can picture what we mean.


Whilst in the Hillfort, we spot people selling different things. Helga and Bork tell us about the different jobs needed in a Hillfort. We decide to apply for one! We then make it to the job interviews where we will need to write our own questions. Suddenly we get a whiff of delicious smelling food. Very different from what we experienced in the Bronze and Stone Age. Helga and Bork teach us about this food and we have a go at making our own. We write invitations to invite our families to join us in a big communal feast to share our food.


The sun sets on Stonehenge again and we are transported safely back home. We create some beautiful silhouette art work of our last view of Stonehenge. On our journey through time, we have realised how important it is to leave things behind for people to find in the future. We want to leave a time capsule. So we write a profile about ourselves and our lives today. We will then bring something in from home to leave behind. Finally we write a recount of our amazing Changes through the Ages adventure!