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UNIT 2.1 – Coding.

Cdn used Free Code Chimp to create their own animated story. They were able to use Design Mode to select a background and different characters/objects from Clip Art which they were then able to change the scale of. They then selected the Coding Area where they used Code Blocks to achieve the desired effects for their story.


UNIT 1.2 & 1.3 - Sorting and Pictograms


The children learnt how to sort objects using a variety of criteria, by playing different sorting games on Purple Mash. They then moved on to create Pictograms, learning how to gather, represent and interpret simple data.




Unit 2.3 - Spreadsheets

This half term the children will be extending the skills they learnt last year on how to use spreadsheets. They will learn how to change the colour of the cells, copy and paste images, carry out simple calculations and produce graphs using their spreadsheets.





Summer 1


This half term the children have been completing their work using spreadsheets. Today the children learnt how to lock a cell in place and how to move an image around their spreadsheets.

They have really enjoyed learning how to use the drawing tools to create their own images.








They have also been learning about different types of technology, both in and out of school, and the ways in which we can use technology to help us in our daily lives.



They have also enjoyed using their creative skills to make E-books with animations!



In Geography the children were able to put their computing skills to great use to show what they know about physical and human geographical features.


Summer 2

This half term the children’s Adventure has taken them under the ocean to meet lots of new creatures.

They have used 2Paint a Picture to create some beautiful coral reef digital artwork using the Pointillism method of painting.

They have also been learning about how to care for the environment and the importance of reducing, re-using and recycling rubbish.

They made a digital poster to encourage others to be more environmentally friendly.