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Cooking and Nutrition


This half term, the children in Ash and Birch tested different flavoured soups. They tried tomato, mushroom, chicken and vegetable. Their favourite was the tomato soup so they decided as a group that they would make their own tomato soup. They wrote the method and decided which ingredients they needed. They then helped cut the vegetables up to put in the baking tray. They loved watching the blender whizz the cooked food up. Everyone had a taste, some children were very keen, others not so much. 

The children made and decorated their own biscuits in Birch class. They followed instructions and enjoyed the process. They took it in turns to mix the flour and sugar together then cracked the eggs into the bowl. They then waited for them to bake and tasted them at the end. Delicious!

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, pupils at Westwood are taught to use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes and to understand where food comes from. 

The children made ice creams having designed and tested their favourite first. They did a taste test to see which flavour they liked the best and then designed their ice creams. They then made them and tasted them to see if they were better or worse than the ones they tasted first!

In Key Stage 1 pupils chopped and mixed dried fruit to make delicious energy balls.

In KS1 they made smoothies and taste tested different ones you can buy in the shops. The children decided on their favourite smoothie and then designed their own. They enjoyed chopping the different fruits and adding them together.

Here we are making our smoothies and then evaluating them. 


In Key Stage 2, pupils are Westwood are taught to understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet, to prepare and cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques and to understand seasonality, and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed. 

LKS2 made their own banquet to coincide with their current adventure about the Iron Age. They researched the different foods and made oat buns. The children loved practising their skills and measuring the ingredients. They followed instructions and enjoyed the process. 

Lower key stage 2 made American style pancakes. Before they could make them, they had to write a set of instructions on how to make them for their American Dream adventure. They loved that they had a purpose for their writing and they loved making the pancakes. They had an early pancake day! They definitely enjoyed eating them!

Lower Key Stage 2 made Iron Age oatcakes for an Iron Age Banquet. The children found a recipe and wrote it out. They then got together all of the correct ingredients and cooked the oatcakes. The children learnt about nutrition and what they ate in the Iron Age. They loved learning whilst baking and then tasting the oatcakes. They weren't very impressed!

Pupils in Lower Key Stage 2 taste tested different pizza toppings whilst on their adventure in Autumn 1.  They used their findings to decide which toppings they would put on their pizza.


UKS2 made Pasta this half term in DT to coincide with their adventure. They made their own pasta and then chose a filling that they had previously tested. It was delicious and the children had lots of fun making it. 

UKS2 made sushi in their adventure this half term. They visited Japan and learnt about the culture and their traditions. They loved making the sushi and used seaweed to wrap around the rice and vegetables. 

Macmillan Cancer Bake Sale

We had a bake sale at school on Friday where we asked parents to bake cakes at home with their children and bring them in so we could donate any money made to charity. It was a massive success and it all links to our cooking and nutrition area of Design Technology.