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Cooking and Nutrition

Macmillan Cancer Bake Sale

We had a bake sale at school on Friday where we asked parents to bake cakes at home with their children and bring them in so we could donate any money made to charity. It was a massive success and it all links to our cooking and nutrition area of Design Technology. 

Lower key stage 2 made American style pancakes. Before they could make them, they had to write a set of instructions on how to make them for their American Dream adventure. They loved that they had a purpose for their writing and they loved making the pancakes. They had an early pancake day! They definitely enjoyed eating them!
Lower Key Stage 2 made Iron Age oatcakes for an Iron Age Banquet. The children found a recipe and wrote it out. They then got together all of the correct ingredients and cooked the oatcakes. The children learnt about nutrition and what they ate in the Iron Age. They loved learning whilst baking and then tasting the oatcakes. They weren't very impressed!
Baking and decorating in Birch class
Cherry class decorating buns for McMillan coffee morning.  They also learnt about the importance of hygiene and washing hands before working with food.
In Key Stage 1 pupils chopped and mixed dried fruit to make delicious energy balls.
Pupils in Lower Key Stage 2 taste tested different pizza toppings whilst on their adventure in Autumn 1.  They used their findings to decide which toppings they would put on their pizza.