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Dinosaur Discovery

Dinosaur Discovery

 A long, long time ago, before TVs and video dinosaurs walked around.


Some were big, some were small, some had wings and some were tall.  One thing dinosaurs liked to do best was to stay at home where they could rest. Unless it’s time to lay an egg then they need to make a nest.


From out of nowhere there was a key, which Mummy dinosaur happened to see.

She picked it up and to her surprise the floor it vanished before her eyes.


Without a what, without a why the dinosaur flew through the sky.


Mummy dinosaur landed with a bump, she no longer saw dinosaurs that thump.


She had no choice, she tried her best, she had to make her egg a nest.


She needed to gather twigs and leaves but she could not find them on the trees.


The dinosaur worried “What if there’s a storm?’ How will I keep my little egg warm?”


She heard a rustle she had to hide otherwise she would be spied.


She hid behind a hawthorn bush and told her grumbling belly to hush.

Around her egg appeared lots of creatures with only 2 legs and other interesting features.


They took the egg with no explanation and wondered off in admiration.


What could she do but stand and stare her little egg was no longer there?


She looked around for days and days but had no luck, her poor little egg it must be stuck.


She found her way into a room, the bookshelf she knocked it made boom!


She got herself in such a stress she couldn’t help but make a mess.


She found her egg so warm and snug she smiled and gave a great big hug. She decided to leave the precious egg there for the creatures to give their care.


It won’t be long before it’s ready to crack keep an eye out she might come back