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Electrical systems

LKS2's adventure was The American Dream and they researched different skyscrapers which can be found in New York, USA. The children looked at the different designs and how they were used for different buildings from offices to flats and leisure spaces. The children then learnt about the different architects of these skyscrapers Van Alen and F Lamb. They were incredibly influential in the design and development of the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. 

LKS2 learnt a new concept called ACCESS FM which stands for Aesthetics, cost, consumer, environment, size, safety, function and materials. They based their design on this and ensured it met the design criteria. 

The children were then given an ipad each and used Tinkercad to create their designs. They had to check their product on the ipad matched their design and that it matched the design criteria. The children had to try different shapes and patterns on the system to see which one matched their design. They did a brilliant job.