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Everybody and Me

Everybody and Me


On a planet far away a little friendly Alien, called Aren, was asked to go on a super important mission. His planet was in terrible danger, there were fires but no one knew how to put them out. Aliens were hurting themselves, but no one knew how to help them and people stealing things but nobody did anything about it! It was time to get help... the aliens had heard that humans were brilliant problem solvers and Aren was sent to find one. Off he went in his space ship, he packed his sleeping bag, his favourite cuddly toy, a spare T-shirt and shorts and his favourite book. Aren went on his way to planet Earth.


There was one problem, Aren had no idea what a human was but he had been told he would definitely find one on planet Earth. He landed with a bump on some soft grass. He heard a noise coming from behind a bush. He watched from a distance. It was furry and had 4 legs. Is this a human? Aren thought. It definitely could not speak as it made a strange "purrr" noise. He continued looking he saw something fly across the field in front of him. It had soft fluffy feathers. Was this a human? No Aren knew humans didn't have wings. Then he came to a pond of water, he looked inside and saw a strange creature swimming. It was covered in sparkly scales. "Is this a human?" Aren thought. He looked into his favourite book. No humans don't have scales. It made him wonder what humans would look like if they did have feathers, fur and scales. 


Aren continued his search, he came across a huge building with glass where he could see inside. He saw lots of strange creatures, 2 legs, 2 arms, a body and a head. Could this be a human?

He watched through the glass as the creatures put strange things into small holes on their faces. What were they doing and why? As soon as the creatures had gone Aren found a little gap in the window and he climbed inside. If these creatures are human, they must need this stuff. He sat on top of a table and started to copy putting small pieces into his mouth.


It was delicious... just then 2 something's appeared. Aren tried to hide but he knew he had been seen.

"Hello" said the something.

"What are you?" replied Aren

"I am a boy and this is my sister". said the boy.

"Ogh dear dear dear, this is impossible, I don't need a boy or a sister I need to find a human!"

The boy and girl laughed... "We are humans, we have different names for people in our family and boys and girls." The children went on to explain. All humans do different things and look different too.


Aren told the children all about the danger that his planet is in. The children decided to help Aren on his mission. The children boarded his space ship and set off to his planet to explore the problems.


When they arrived on the planet they discovered lots of problems. First, they wanted to sort out the dangerous fires. "We have people who help us, they're called firefighters."  The children took Aren back to Earth to meet a firefighter and visit the fire station.


Aren learnt all about the different people who keep humans safe.

He was happy to now go back to his planet. He was going to teach the other aliens what he had learnt and save his planet.