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Intent, Implementation

Physical Education statement of intent


At Westwood we offer a high quality, inclusive physical education curriculum that seeks to promote a love of physical education across school. The broad and balanced curriculum is well mapped to develop children holistically (personally, socially, cognitively and creatively) as well as developing a physical literacy of fundamental movement skills and knowledge that can contribute to lifelong participation.

Whilst physical education lies at the forefront of our vision, we hold school sport, physical activity and enrichment opportunities of equal importance. We encourage children to be as physically active as possible throughout the school day, not only at break and lunchtimes but through physically active learning (Burn2learn) and outdoor learning wherever it is relevant to the learning experience. Children all get chance to take part in school sport and healthy competition is encouraged. Finally, through enrichment such as outdoor residentials and sporting visits we strive to provide new opportunities for our children.


Physical Education Implementation


Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum at Westwood is designed around 4 key aims:

To promote a love of PE across school by providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

children are offered a broad and balanced Physical education experience at Westwood. Starting in EYFS and into KS1 children develop fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, coordination) through immersive PE themes underpinned by our Westwood PE scheme of work. Moving into ks2 children again follow immersive learning themes that promote transferable skills in opposed to specific sport skills.

To develop children holistically into well rounded young people.

Each lesson children have a head, heart and hands learning objective where success is not necessarily determined by the ability to perform a skill (hands), but the ability to work socially (heart) through leadership or collaboration as well as cognitive skills (head) such as problem solving and creativity.

To develop a physical literacy in children that provides them the skillset for lifelong participation.

Children constantly develop their ability, balance and coordination which provides them a skillset to access PE lessons. Children are assessed against a physical literacy expectation of their skills and those who need extra support are offered intervention meaning no child is left behind.

To develop a physical activity habit.

Children are encouraged to be physically activity not only in PE lessons but throughout the school day. At Westwood we employ a physical activity coordinator responsible for delivering active play and lunchtimes in addition to a range of Physically active learning strategies (Burn2Learn) delivered by our teaching staff.


Physically active

The government 30:30 agenda dictates schools should ensure children are physically active (moderate to vigorous) for at least 30 minutes of the school day. At Westwood children take part in daily ‘Burn2Learn’ physical active learning during lesson times as well as engaging with our ‘physical activity coordinator’ – employed to maximise activity time during play and lunchtime through the use of structured games and activities, led by the children.


School Sport

At Westwood we provide as many opportunities as possible for children to engage with extra-curricular or competitive sport. We offer a health extra-curricular programme consisting of 8 sports clubs (KS1 dance, KS1 multisport, KS2 multisport, KS2 Dance, Yoga, y3/4 football, y5/6 football, wildcats girls’ football). We play in u9 and u11 football competitions run by Leeds Schools FA and we are paid members of ‘Active schools’ who provide a vast range of recreational and competitive sporting opportunities for children to take part alongside or against other children from across Leeds.



Plays a vital part in provide opportunities for our children beyond the school gates. Providing experiences for children they would not normally access gives children new experiences and helps raise aspirations. We run trips to sporting fixtures, outdoor residential experiences in year 4,5 and 6 as well as taking part in fundraising events such as total warrior.