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Island Invaders

Adventure 1-Anglo Saxons and Vikings


Meet Osmund and Hilda, an Anglo-Saxon brother and sister living in England in 793 AD. They have offered to teach us all about their life but first we need to prepare ourselves by looking and sounding like an Anglo-Saxon.

Before they tell us about their lives in the present, they want to know how their relatives came to live in England over 300 years ago. Can you help them find out which countries their ancestors may have travelled from, why they chose to leave and where they settled?

After discovering where they came from, the children wanted to delve further into their family’s past. Their mum has a damaged diary from a relative who travelled over from Germany but key parts are missing and damaged. When they touch the paper, they are magically transported to the boat and experience just what it was like travelling by boat to their new home. This helps them understand how hard life was for their distant relatives.

When we arrive back at the hut, Osmund and Hilda’s mum has prepared a banquet for her special guests. Whilst we are eating, the two children tell us all about their daily lives: what they do for fun; where they go to school; and they guide is around their home and village. Whilst being guided round the village, news reaches us that an invasion is imminent-who could these invaders be?

We discover that these people are Vikings and that much like Osmund and Hilda’s ancestors, they are looking for somewhere new to settle for a better life. The village start to prepare for the invasion so, while they do, Osmund and Hilda show us the weapons that the adults would use during a battle.

After a long, arduous battle, the English king Alfred the Great, agreed to peace with the Vikings and for them to settle in their own area of Eastern Britain, called the Danelaw. Osmund and Hilda are very pleased that they can remain in their village.