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Lower Key Stage 2

This half term, Oak Class have been looking at highlighting the key parts of texts, to help improve their comprehension skills. They have looked at the non-fiction text 'A History of Electricity.' 
Elder Class have been really focusing on their inference skills and have been doing this through the text 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Caroll. This means they have needed to become detectives and work out what is going on in the text using evidence. They have also been doing some active learning where they have been moving around the classroom, finding literal and inference statements from the text. 
In Mulberry Class, the children have been looking at the 'Story of Electricity' by John Munro. They have been focusing on 'previewing' the text and have been noting down the key parts, to build on their undertstanding of its structure.  This has included  recording the texts author, chapter names, key words and what they have learnt.