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2021-2022 Materials


            Children at the expected level of development will: -

-Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function; -Share their creations, explaining the process they have used;

-Make use of props and materials when role playing characters in narratives and stories


Key Stage 1 made cars this half term focussing on getting the wheels to rotate as the cars moved along. 

Testing our their cars

Still image for this video

Testing our cars

Still image for this video


Lower key stage 2 made Trojan horses to coincide with their autumn 2 topic. They loved designing their horses and then building them using lolly pop sticks and wood. They even had the help of Mr Cockcroft to drill holes in the wood for the horses wheels. 


UKS2 made their own Anderson shelters to keep them safe if war broke out. They designed, made and evaluated their product and some amazing designs were made. They selected their materials carefully, considering the intended use of the product, the aesthetics and functionality. They also created and followed a step by step plan that they had made. 

Nursery pupils made some fantastic rockets.

Reception class pupils build hibernation boxes for animals. They chose suitable materials to help keep the animals comfy and warm.

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 pupils looked at the features of a car then used this information to design their own. The pupils used axles and wheels to make their own cars. They had lots of fun following this by playing with them.

Lower Key Stage 2

In DT this half term, Mulberry were challenged with the mission of building a new skyscraper to fit the New York skyline. They researched existing skyscrapers to identify their features. Then they designed their own on paper and thought about the function of them – would they be hotels, offices or apartments? Then they used Computer Aided Design to build their models and they wrote evaluations on what they would do next time to improve.

The adventure lower key stage two were exploring this half term was the firework maker's daughter. They looked at features of a firework and designed posters to go on the side of a bus to promote the fireworks. They used bright colours and bold writing to catch the eye of passers by. They discussed what would look best as a class and then made their own designs and showed them off. They talked about what would make their fireworks the best and what they could change about them to make them bigger, brighter and last longer in the sky. Fantastic DT work!
Lower Key Stage 2-Fireworks
Upper Key Stage 2 - Water Wheels
Upper Key Stage 2's adventure this half term was River Rescue. In Design and Technology, they designed, made and evaluated a water wheel and tested them out in the playground which they loved. They researched and developed a functional product fit for purpose and generated and developed their ideas using diagrams. The children 

were so pleased with their designs, loved making them and then, when testing them, made notes on how to improve them. It was a well thought out, thorough investigation. Well done Key Stage 2!

The children in Cherry class were sculpting animals out of plasticine, thinking about texture, shape and size. This was related to their adventure, 'If a ran a zoo.'
Key Stage 1-Den Building

In Key Stage 1, they had an exciting day building dens. They built dens as part of their adventure, If I ran a zoo, and built structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable. They were able to select from and use a range of tools (branches, string, and tarp) to perform practical tasks. They then explored and evaluated their ideas and products against the design criteria. 

They had so much fun outdoors building and designing their dens. They loved making them and then getting inside and seeing how dark they were and how stable they were. Well done Key Stage 1.

Key Stage 1 were given a selection of materials and were asked to create a boat.

In DT, we created our own boats out of a range of different materials, such as plastic, cardboard, paper and wood. We selected the materials we thought would be most appropriate and discussed how to make our boats watertight so they can float. We designed our boats then made them using our chosen materials. When we had made them we discussed with our peers if there was anything we could have done better. We tested them out and evaluated them. Some of our designs were great but we worked together to work out the best design. 


Lower Key Stage 2 pupils learnt about the Trojan war and how a wooden horse was used. Pupils then designed their own model of the Trojan Horse and finally used tools to make a wooden Trojan Horse.

Pupils then evaluated their project.

Upper Key Stage 2 pupils were investigating air raid shelters. They first found out about the different types of shelters built and the importance of them. Pupils used this information to come up with their own design and choose materials to replicated those used in the formation of air raid shelters. Pupils went on to build their shelters and finally tested them out to see if they would withstand objects being dropped on them.

In Upper Key Stage 2 during a science lesson, the pupils learnt about electrical circuits. Pupils then applied this knowledge to make their own working circuit.