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Number Day 2021

Although Number Day 2021 was spent at home with us isolating, we still had a fabulous day on Microsoft Teams! Lots of the children got dressed up and enjoyed number based activities during the day! We began the day with an assembly all about the NSPCC and Number Day before completing our first game - a number scavenger hunt. Children hunted their houses to find the items around their house - Lucy was our champion! Children then went off and created their own maths board game!

Second session we looked at jobs to do with maths. The children then thought about their dream job and how maths could be incorporated into it. They then applied for a job at their dream job and thought really carefully about how maths was involved.


To end the day, children got their families involved as we completed our own maths version of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'. Children then created their own quizzes for me and Mrs Wilson - some of which were very tricky!! 


We had a fantastic day, considering the situation - and thank you to Mrs Partridge, our wonderful maths leader, for organising the day! smiley