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Unit 3.1 - Coding


This term the children have continued to extend their understanding of basic coding including using variables and timers.



They have also continued to use their computing skills across the curriculum within their Adventures to produce fact files, leaflets, games and posters. Here is some of their great work!






Summer 1

This term the children will be building on the skills they have previously learnt using Spreadsheets and presenting data in a variety of way.


They will learn how to use formulae, timers and random number/spin features in their spreadsheets. They will also learn how to create and interpret data and then present the data in different types of charts and graphs.

This half term the children’s Adventure takes place in Ancient Egypt. They have had lots of fun creating Mash Cams of themselves as Tutankhamen and

writing their names in hieroglyphics.






In French the children were able to put their computing skills to great use. They used 2Connect to create Mind Maps to show what they have learnt about 'les animaux'.





Summer 2

The children have extended their spreadsheet skills to include creating a calculating machine using variables. They had to create calculations, solve them and then check if they were correct.




In their Adventure they have been learning about mountains and prepared some super Mountain Fact Files.



The children have also had great fun learning about Simulations. They were astronauts with a mission to rescue fellow crew members, whose shuttle had crashed on the unexplored planet of Elpmis.

They had to work in teams to discover information about Elpmis, decide what equipment to take and then solve different problems throughout the simulation, whilst communication with Space Control on Earth. They loved carrying out this mission!