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Les Animaux

The children have been learning all about animals in French this half term.

They have been extending their knowledge to using the correct word for ‘a/an’ that corresponds to each animal.


They are also really enjoying learning a French version of Old MacDonald – Vieux MacDonald.


Vieux MacDonald a une ferme

A, o, a, o, a

Et en sa ferme il a une vache

A, o, a, o, a

Et moo, moo, moo et moo, moo, moo

Ici moo, là moo

Moo, moo, moo

Vieux MacDonald a une ferme

A, o, a, o, a





This year the children will be following La Jolie Ronde scheme of work in French. We are starting with a revision of numbers and greetings through the use of rhymes, songs, videos and fun activities. Here the children are practising their counting and using software to check their learning. 







The children are also starting to learn colours and have been using their Purple Mash skills to practise their current and previous French learning, playing lots of different games and quizzes,  which they really enjoy!