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Place Knowledge

In Lower Key Stage 2, they looked at finding countries and cities with the UK. They used maps to help them with their work and learnt how to read them properly. 
In LKS2 children looked at the human and physical features similarities and differences between the UK and and America. 
In Year one the children looked at human and physical features first. They then had to compare Middleton, where they live, to the island in America that they landed on. They did this by sorting them into groups and then comparing. 
In Year One the children were set the task of creating their own maps of the island and they had to create a key.. They turned out fantastically!

In Year 3 they looked at Germany and thought about its human features. They then located it on a map and wrote a little about the different features and what they look like. 


In Key Stage one there was a focus on their local area (Leeds). Children used the ipads and the website 2purple mash" to sort through human and physical features of Leeds. They then chose two areas from the city and compared them, looking at their purpose, history and appearance.