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River Rescue

River Rescue


David Attenborough has been working incredibly hard over the years to raise awareness about the world around us, particularly when relating to animals and nature. He wants to make sure the next generation continues this hard work in everything he has raised. Now he has covered and created many videos over the years about the ocean, he now wants to raise everyone’s awareness about rivers. He has therefore sent us a letter explaining everything he wants us to do.


In order to find out more about the effect we have on our rivers, we need to learn a bit more about them. Looking back at the letter he mentioned about how much devastation could be caused by something which could seem so little to someone. During a residential at Ingleborough, while the children were caving, a child dropped a water bottle into the stream next to the White Scare Cave. Now it has been found in the middle of the Irish Sea. How has this happened?


As we are journeying down the river, we realise all the different ways pollution is caused. As well as this, the bottle passes many habitats and objects, which are all impacted by the river.


Now we have learnt about some of the devastating effects that are caused by pollution in rivers, we need to decide what we are going to do about this...