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Science in Early Years

Science in Early Years

Science is all about enjoyment, awe and wonder. The children will learn to:

  • Ask questions stimulated by their exploration of their world.
  • Draw on their everyday experience to help answer questions.
  • Use their senses and simple equipment to make observations.
  • Respond to prompts to say what happened.

Looking closely at plants and insects

Exploring Seasonal Colours - Summer

Rescuing Superheroes from the ice (melting ice)

Testing waterproof materials to keep the Gingerbread Man dry.

Winter Woodland Walk

Curiosity and exploration!

while the children were mixing ingredients they commented on changes they observed, made predictions about what may happen to the cake, compared their ideas to pthers, observed changes over time, made suggestions on how something would work, thought of the best way to crack an egg and drew on their observations to make conclusions and discuss what has happened. 




Do Angel feathers float?

Exploring Autumn Changes

In early years we have been using emergent science skills such as encouraging the children to question why things happen and use their senses and observe things closely commenting on what they see or find. We hope these foundations of working scientifically will allow success in Key Stage 1.

Nursery - Woodland Animals

In Nursery children have been reading books which feature hibernating animals. They’ve looked at animals we may see during Autumn.


The children loved learning about the spikey hedgehog. Look at their fantastic art pieces.