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Space 2119

Space 2119

It is the year 2119. Over the past 100 years, scientists have been working hard to develop space travel and have now reached a point where it is possible to travel around space in the same way we would to another country on Earth. Tourism companies are keen to take advantage of this and want to start offering holidays in space. This is where you come in. You are going to become the first people to offer holidays in space! First, you will need a logo and a name for your company.


How on earth did this become possible? Well, it all started with Richard Branson’s first flights (Virgin Galactic) in space. From this, his companies developed ways of travelling further afield. His great-granddaughter, Lunar Branson, has recently chartered a space flight to Mars and now holidays in space are a real possibility.

Before you can take tourists into space, it is important for you to know all about it. Where will you visit? What is it like there? Why are different planets different temperatures? Is it safe to travel to there?

To accommodate your rockets that will take your tourists to space, Leeds City Council have allocated Middleton Park as the location for your spaceport. However, local residents have heard about this and are not happy. How can you put their minds at ease?


Following the public meeting, the location of the spaceport has been moved to a disused industrial site, so the mission is back on! Now you have decided on the planet you are going to visit, you need to think about the spacesuit your tourists will need to wear (keeping them warm/cold, air etc). Is there anything else you need to consider safety wise?


With your plan for your space tourism business complete, it is time to present your ideas to the Bransons.