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In EYFS we focus on the development of children’s artistic and cultural awareness supports their imagination and creativity. It is important that children have regular opportunities to engage with the arts, enabling them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. The quality and variety of what children see, hear and participate in is crucial for developing their understanding, self-expression, vocabulary and ability to communicate through the arts. The frequency, repetition and depth of their experiences are fundamental to their progress in interpreting and appreciating what they hear, respond to and observe.

Children at the expected level of development will: 

-Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function; -Share their creations, explaining the process they have used;

-Make use of props and materials when role playing characters in narratives and stories

In EYFS they had a go at weaving using heart shaped paper that they cut out themselves using scissors. They then practised threading the string over and under into the different holes to make a pattern. The children loved trying to work out how to fit the string through the holes and worked out that it was good if they used a pincer grip.


In KS1 children are able to measure, cut and join textiles to make a product with some support. They can choose suitable textiles and join them together to make a product. Children can explain their choice of textiles and can also understand that a 3D textile structure can be made from two identical fabric shapes. 


Here are some of the DT displays from Lower Key Stage 2 when they did their tartan topic and learnt all about weaving. 

In Lower Key Stage 2, Oak class made headdresses through their home learning. These were based on their adventure, The American Dream. Here are some photos of Cooper and Sienna wearing and cutting out their headdresses. They look amazing and the children put in so much work to make them as amazing as possible!

In Lower Key Stage 2 the pupils used a pattern piece to draw around and cut out before sewing together their own purse.

In UKS2 the children have been learning all about the Tudors and decided they wanted to make a Tudor rose using different sewing techniques.