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The Mysterious Myan Mission

The Mysterious Mayan Mission


Let’s say that I’m John Lloyd Stephens, a famous American explorer. I’ve built a time machine that can take us back to the Ancient Mayan Civilisation. It is a very mysterious time in history as nobody really knows what happened to the Mayans. By travelling back in time, I’m hoping to find out some more about them. Do you want to come with me to learn about them? What will we need to take with us? Which countries will we be travelling to? Unfortunately, the time machine is in Central America and can only take you back in time, not to a different part of the world. How will we get there? How long will it take?

We’ve arrived in Central America in the year AD 900. Whilst we are here, it is important that we blend in with the people so we must change our names and clothes. Now we look the part, it is time to start travelling around Central America to learn about different aspects of Mayan life.


Today we will travel to the rainforest of Guatemala to spend the day with Mayan priests in the city of Tikal. They will teach us about their gods, temples, festivals and even sacrifices! Whilst there, we are amazed by the temples we see and decide to make some sketches.


Now we will travel to El Mirador in Mexico to learn about the way of life for tradesmen and craftsmen. They will teach us about their alphabet (hieroglyphics) and how they represent whole words and how they wove their cloth. Whilst in El Mirador, we hear news of an archaeological dig taking place and travel over to take part.


Today we will be travelling to Caracol in Belize to meet some warriors who will explain about their weapons and the battles that they took part in.

Finally we will spend the day with some Mayan farmers in the city of Chichen Itza in Mexico. They will take us around their home and explain about the importance of chocolate and the other food they grow and eat.


Sadly, our time with the Mayans has come to an end and it is time to travel back to the future, to 2019 and share everything that we have learnt about the Mayans in our own Mayan Museum. It’s really important that we have all this to look back on because nobody knows what happened to the Mayans and why their civilisation came to an end…it’s a Mayan Mystery!