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Through the ages

Changes through the ages

Children in year 3 and 4 travelled to the beginning of recorded time on an adventure through the ages. From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and finally the Iron Age children developed their historical understanding of changes over time and how ancestors lived hundreds of thousand years ago.


Follow the links below to see what each class got up to on their adventure.

Elder Class

Mulberry Class

Oak Class

Below you can find examples of the work produced by children of KS2 throughout their Anglo-Saxon adventure.

Key Skills

Children compared differences between the ages and recent times including:

Jewellery and Crockery







We used a range of resources to research how food and farming changed over time


Opportunities for writing

Children wrote a set of instructions on how to make a bell beaker


Children created an advert to sell a stoneage style house


Children wrote a diary as they travelled back in time



Cross Curricular Links

We used maps to locate the various counties including finding salisbury. Where we could find Stonehenge.