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Thursday 25th March

Maths - live on Teams at 9.30am

We're going to revise column subtraction today. It's exactly the same as addition but instead of adding each digit, we're going to take it away. Don't forget the numbers you borrow and make sure you change the numbers correctly! We'll go through a few on the live lesson and then there is a video with the equipment below to remind you. Then, have a go at a few below and as always this week, if it's too easy on A, move on! 

Maths (Mr Hayes's Group) - live on Teams at 9.30am 

Mr Hayes will be coming to you live from his classroom on Teams this morning for your live input. You can then download the work below and return it to If you have any questions or need any help, please email this address and Mr Cooper will be able to help. 

Mr Hayes's Maths explanation - 25th March.mp4

Still image for this video

Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

Today, we're going to prepare a debate! I'd love it if you could record yourself saying your argument and send it in so we have some videos of you doing it! In the live lesson, I'll put you in a debate team and your job is to persuade the rest of the class that your method of getting Billy down the tree is the best!! On the download below there are some sentence ideas you could use to think about your arguments! It would be really nice to host the debate tomorrow so get some ideas written and in the live lesson tomorrow, we'll have the debate!

Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

We're going to begin the main body of the letter today. This section needs to tell Mr Wonka what happened to us - remember we are trying to make him feel guilty and like it was all his fault! Your SPAG challenge is to use subordinating conjunctions in this section - we'll go through what they are in the live lesson and write some together. Have a look at my example on the download below and then have a go at writing the main body - send me what you do!

Adventure - anytime

In today's geography, you're going to learn about the 8 compass points. We know North, South, East and West (these are our cardinal points) but we're also going to introduce our inter cardinal points today too. Watch the video below which explains them and goes through a little more (there is some maths involved in this part of geography!). Then, complete the 2 activities below.

Geography 25th March - Compass Points

Spelling and handwriting - anytime 

Follow the video below for a lesson about ing or ed word endings with Mr Cooper. There is also an activity to have a go at below and some handwriting practice.

Spelling and handwriting - 25th March.mp4

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Spelling test


Mr Cooper's group click here for your spelling test.

Mrs Wilson's group click here for your spelling test.