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Time Travelling Ted

Time Travelling Ted


Sam is wandering through a car boot sale, looking for the perfect toy. His mum has given him 50p but he can’t seem to afford anything. He hasn’t seen anything that has caught his eye apart from a lonely looking teddy bear. A slightly worn and battered bear sat on the back of the table longing for someone to love him. Sam knows that he could be the person to love this lost bear back to life. Sold! Sam is now the proud owner of Ted.


When they arrive back home, Ted is taken to Sam’s bedroom. A room filled with toys and games. The other toys look over at Ted, wondering who he is and where he has come from. They ask Ted lot of questions but Ted doesn’t know – he doesn’t know who he is and where he has come from. The other toys notice that Ted looks sad. They all know where they have originated from but he doesn’t. Suddenly Barbie remembers an app she has seen on her ipad. A time travelling app which allows users to travel back in time! This would allow Ted to go back in time to see where he has come from!


Barbie agrees to go with Ted back in time to help him find out where he has come from but neither of them know how to use the app properly! What will happen, where will they end up? All of a sudden the room starts to spin and they begin falling down a spiralling hole that is filled with melting clocks. 

Ted and Barbie arrive in a Nintendo Wii, in the middle of a Mario Kart game in 2006. They land in the middle of the race track and nearly get run over by Wowser!  Ted and Barbie realise that this is definitely not the right place for where Ted has come from as he doesn’t need a controller! In order to escape the game, the characters tell them that they must win the game! With a little help from Yoshi they manage to win! They say their goodbyes and are transported back to Sam’s bedroom.


Off they go again, this time travelling to a Toy shop in 1995. Hopefully this will be where Ted is from! When they arrive they see rows and rows of toys. All identical and staring at them. Suddenly Ted is faced with rows of bears that look just like him! Him and Barbie celebrate, thinking that they have found out where Ted is from. CRASH! Each teddy is pushed off the shelf by the evil furbys. Now a huge pile of teddies is on the floor. Which one is Ted? Where is he? All of the teddies claim to be the real Ted, wanting to go on this time travelling adventure with Barbie! How will she find out the real Ted? Barbie decides to ask a range of questions, testing to see which bear is the real one. She manages to narrow it down to two bears, with only the hug test left to complete. Finally, she has found Ted – the straw filled bear. They press the escape button on the app, relieved to be away from the toy shop.


Disheartened again, they decide to time travel once again. They land in a carpark filled with cars in 1984. The exact same car park that hosted the car boot that Ted was bought by Sam. Why are they here? What does this mean? Unexpectedly the cars begin to transform and the dance battle commences between the decepticons and the auto-bots! Ted and Barbie hide behind the bins along with a small girl named Polly Pocket who looks equally as worried. Together, they wonder what they can do to stop what is happening? They realise that they are arguing over who should own the car park. Ted and Barbie soon forget what their real mission is, deciding they need to intervene to stop the battle! They decide to steal the batteries out of the transformers, stopping them in their tracks and allowing Polly Pocket to get back to her friend the PAC-MAN who is on the other side of the carpark. Ted and Barbie decide this is the perfect time to escape, again realising that this isn’t where Ted is from as he doesn’t need batteries!

Ted is starting to feel really sad, will he ever find where he has come from? Barbie manages to persuade him to carry on and they begin to time travel once again. All of a sudden they are transported to an arcade back in 1976. They look around the arcade that is filled with grabbers and penny slot machines, again wondering whether this could be where Ted is from? BANG BANG! They look up to find a pet rock banging on the glass of a slot machine. Help! The bear and Barbie again abandon the real reason they are here, feeling that they must help the pet rock escape. Barbie uses the last of her savings to change into 1ps. Ted and Barbie do not give up until they manage to win the pet rock, helping him escape the machine! Ted realises that he can’t have been from one of these machines as he wouldn’t fit! They leave the newly freed pet rock behind and return to Sam’s bedroom once again.


 Ted is resilient and doesn’t want to give us so they decide to give the time travelling one last go, hoping that this time they will find out where Ted is from. Clicking the transport app they begin to time travel again, suddenly landing in a pile of freezing snow. What year is it? What is happening? Where are they? In the distance they see a figure sitting in the snow with their head in their hands – its Mr potato head! He looks sad. Ted and Barbie go over to him to find out what is wrong. As he peels away his hands from his head, they realise that his eyes are missing! Mr potato head explains that he can’t figure out where he has lost his eyes. He is able to look around and see the location where his eyes are, but without them on his body he isn’t sure of how to get there. Mr potato head describes the setting to Ted and Barbie and they agree to help him find his eyes. On their way, Ted explains to him that he is trying to find out where he has come from. Mr potato head says that he may be able to help, but not telling Ted how.


Eventually they come across a strange room that is filled with Elves creating things. There in the corner of the room are Mr potato head’s eyes – finally he can see where he is going again! Mr potato head asks Ted to go over and watch an elf called Buddy and to watch what he is making. Suddenly Ted realises where they are and what is happening – Buddy is creating a teddy bear! This bear is Ted! So Ted was created in Santa’s workshop by an elf named Buddy over 60 years ago. Ted begins to remember about his past and the way he was created here in this workshop all those years ago. 


As the clock strikes midnight, in comes Santa to gather the new toys ready for delivering when he suddenly recognises Ted and Barbie, wondering why they are here. He explains to them that it doesn’t always matter where we have come, but where we are now and tells them that they should be at home with Sam. He wraps them in paper and delivers them to Sam’s Christmas tree, ready for Christmas morning where they will all be reunited once again.