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Tremendous Tudors

Tremendous Tudors


Temple Newsam have found something strange in their park-it seems to be a family tree but there are several people missing. They cannot work out who they are. After some careful research, they have discovered that our school with our fabulous Adventure curriculum will help them. Let’s look at the man in the centre…


The man in the centre is in one of the most famous kings of all time, Henry VIII. When was he king? What is he famous for? What impact did he have as a monarch?

Now we know that the man is Henry VIII, we can start to fill the gaps. Looking at the timeline, we notice that there was a major event before Henry became king- The Battle of Bosworth. This may help us fill in the spot above Henry on the family tree.


After researching the battle, we discover that the gap must belong to Henry’s dad, Henry VII, the first Tudor King. What does being a Tudor mean to you? We can now explore how they lived: houses, fashion, food and entertainment.


Let’s look again at the family tree-why are there 6 gaps next to Henry? Henry had 6 very different wives: some he loved, some he hated and some he even had executed.

Birth, marriage and death were very complex subjects for Henry. So much so, he even changed the rules for his own benefit. He even changed the laws by introducing divorces. As a result, he formed his own Church, which remain a big part of our country today.

Now we have met Henry’s wives, we might now be able to work out who the remaining gaps are. After Henry dies, his son, Edward VI, became King at the age of 9. WOW!


In preparation for our end of adventure event, we will prepare a Tudor celebration: banquet, dancing and singing.