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Tuesday 23rd March

Maths (Mr Cooper's Group) - live on Teams at 9.30am 

This week, we are preparing to sit our maths tests by revising everything we've done so far this year. We're going to go right back to chapter 1 and refresh our memories of all of the learning we've done in this maths group. Today we're going to remind ourselves of place value and numbers. I'll go through the below slides in the live lesson and then children need to have a go at these activities.


Start with A - if you do a few of A and find it really easy, move to B. Again, if you find this too easy, give C a go - I don't expect all children to do all questions in A, B and C - skip the ones you find too easy and try to challenge yourself with the tricker ones.

Maths (Mr Hayes's Group) - live on Teams at 9.30am 

Mr Hayes will be coming to you live from his classroom on Teams this morning for your live input. You can then download the work below and return it to If you have any questions or need any help, please email this address and Mr Cooper will be able to help. 

Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

Today we're going to think about comparing 2 texts. We focussed on The Enchanted Wood last week and today we're going to look at another text. In the live lesson we'll do some predictions about what we think might be similar and different about the 2 texts based on the covers. We'll then read the beginning extract to the text which you can download below. There are then some questions for you to answer.

Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

This week, we're going to help Veruca to write a letter complaining about her experience at the factory. In the live lesson, we'll talk about what happens to Veruca and how we are going to structure our letter. We'll think about the features of a letter and then you guys have a few activities to do which you can download below.


You need to look at the features and decide if we would use these in a letter or not. 

Adventure - anytime

Todays adventure is linked to geography and plotting 4-digit grid references. Below is a video input on grid references and describing how we work them out, this is then followed by an independent activity where children need to place different Wonka room's on a grid. You can print out the different rooms and place them around your home as a little trail or children can use a laptop to view the rooms and then plot! 


Geography input Tuesday.mp4

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Spelling and handwriting - anytime

Follow the video below for a homophone lesson from Mr Cooper. There is also a handwriting exercise to have a go at and an activity below.

Spelling and Handwriting - 23rd March.mp4

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