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Up, up and away!

Up, up and away.


Parker the plane needs to take his first flight, but he is scared. He decides to confide in Jeffery the Jet, an older, wiser plane all his worries and fears. Jeffery explains to Parker that he has lots of friends that will be able to help him with his worries. Parker tells Jeffery that one of his biggest fears is flying over water in case he falls in. Jeffery takes Parker down to the docks to meet his friend, Boris the boat. Boris listens to Parkers worries and decides the best way to help him is to take him out on the ocean to show Parker there is nothing to worry about. Whilst out at sea there is a storm. Boris shows Parker what to do to stay safe and Parker feels much more confident about being near the water.


However Parker still has other worries. He informs Jeffery that he is terrified of going fast. This is a big problem as planes need to go fast to be able to fly! Jeffery remembered who would be the perfect vehicle to help - Troy the train. So off they go to meet Troy. Troy loves to go fast, whizzing through the countryside, but he has learnt how to stay safe and slow down when needed. Troy takes Parker on a ride around the countryside and he shows Parker how to be safe going fast and how to slow down. Parker realises after having a go at going fast, that actually, it’s really good fun! He is excited to tell Jeffery how much better he is feeling about learning how to fly, but he still has a few reservations. He is afraid of tipping over whist flying. Jeffery has a think and then realises Parker needs to practise his balancing skills. He knows the right friend to help him, Mabel the motorbike. She has brilliant balancing skills so she is able to shows him how to go around a race track, how to turn and how to balance. Parker is really growing in confidence and feeling much better but he has a few more questions for Jeffery.


Another concern is how will he know where to go, what if he gets lost? Jeffery introduces him to Bruce the bus. Bruce takes Parker around the town, showing him how he can find his way by using a compass and map. Suddenly as they are driving down along a road, a tree has falls down and blocks their path. What can they do? How are they going to get back to the airport? Parker remembers all the lessons he has learnt so is able to navigate a different route back to the airport, he is very proud of himself!


Jeffery then checks to see if Parker has any other worries and Parker asks how he is meant to look after his passengers. Jeffery knows the right person to help him out, Cassie the car. Cassie explains to Parker that she is a family car and takes her family all over. She shows him that each person wears their own seat belt and this will keep them safe. Cassie takes her family to church every Sunday morning, and invites Parker to join them. However, as they are driving along, a cat runs out in the road and they have to perform an emergency stop. This shows Parker that the seat belts work, as everyone is safe.


Now Parker now feels ready to learn how to fly as all his questions have been answered but he doesn’t actually know how to fly! So Jeffery introduces Parker to Henry the helicopter, a brilliant flight instructor. Henry takes Parker up in the air by attaching him to a winch and shows him how to fly. Whilst up in the air he sees a hot air balloon, it’s Hallie. Parker tells Hallie all about what has happened and what he has learnt. After going over all the different things he has learnt, Parker feels assured and ready to have his first solo flight.


He invites everyone one that has helped him over the past seven weeks to watch him take his first flight. Off he goes, up, up and away!!!


He lands in New York, ecstatic that he has made it. Whilst talking to the other planes in the airport he meets Pippa, she has never flown before and is very scared to do so. Parker, with all his new learned skills tells Pippa not to worry, he will help her!