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Upper Key Stage 2

French – Upper KS2

Cycle A

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5

Theme 6

In the town



Class routines


Common verbs

Intro vocab – Cdn make simple sentences using il y a + name of building.

Revision of connectives.

Cdn appreciate differences btwn English and French high streets

Recap & extend vocab.

Use of j’aime & je n’aime pas and extend to comparisons - ….plus que

Intro use of immediate future – je vais + verb

Recap & extend vocab.

Cdn use adjectives to prepare a simple weather report.

Intro – normalement, en général etc

Cdn can say where they live - J’habite ….

Recap & extend instructions vocab.

Recap saying date, weather.

Intro simple phrase e.g. As-tu…? Do you have… + response J’ai….

Recap and extend vocab.

Recap of structures from LKS2 – il s’appelle; il a xxx ans; elle est; elle habite

+ mon, ma mes/ ton, ta, tes.

Recap of adjectives from LKS2

Recap of verbs être (to be) + avoir (to have)

Cdn form simple sentences using previously learnt vocab for consolidation


Cycle B

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5

Theme 6



Days, months & seasons




Cdn learn how to give and receive simple directions – à gauche/droite

Revision of connectives + adjectives – grand, petit

Recap and extend vocab.

Use of verbs j’aime/je n’aime pas.

Revision of adjectives.

Learn restaurant expressions – je voudrais….

Revision of vocab.

Intro times of the day – après-midi, à 10 heures etc

Intro simple future tense – Je vais….

Recap and extend vocab & expressing & justifying opinions – Je n’aime pas le rouge.

Recap C’est + adjective

Intro basic prepositions of place – sur, sous, devant using noun vocab previously learnt for consolidation.

Sort words into nouns, verbs, adjectives & prepositions

Recap and extend vocab. Cdn understand that French is spoken in many countries & identify some.

Intro verbs – visiter/aller/



The above themes are taught through the use of La Jolie Ronde Years 5 & 6 Scheme of Work.