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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

We all live in a yellow submarine


In a garden in England lives Seb the spider. He and his best friend Herbert the hedgehog are planning their trip around the world. Seb is fed up of trying to find warm and safe places to live without being hoovered up or washed down the plug hole and therefore he wants to leave to find somewhere where he won’t be disturbed. Herbert wants to support his friend and go along on the trip with him; but Seb needs to wait until spring when Herbert will wake up from hibernating before they can set off.


Without warning, Seb is crawling in the bath tub when suddenly someone turns the tap on and Seb is washed down the sink. He flows along the pipes without knowing where he is going when all of a sudden he is flung out of the end of the pipe, landing in the English Channel! He floats and drifts in the water before flowing into another pipe, but this pipe isn’t one he has been down before! Before he knows it he is falling down the periscope into a submarine! No one is aboard, the spider is alone, but the submarine suddenly starts to move. Where is it going? Where will the spider end up?


The submarine sails for 2 nights when it arrives in the amazon river in South America. Whilst sailing along, the submarine bumps into a caiman crocodile. The crocodile isn’t very happy about this. He explains to Seb that he is grumpy because he is hungry as he hasn’t been able to catch anything. To say sorry for bumping into the crocodile, Seb says that he will help the crocodile to catch something by weaving a ginormous web. This works and the crocodile is so happy. The crocodile talks about how unhappy he is living in the amazon and that he would really like to leave and go somewhere else.  He asks Seb if he can come along with him on his travels. The crocodile suggests that they travel to Australia as he thinks he knows the way. The crocodile swims and pushes the submarine.


After a long journey to Australia, Seb and the crocodile arrive in Sydney. They swim along the river into Darling Harbour. The two of them are beginning to run out of things to talk about and therefore think it would be really fun to see if anyone else wants to join. They decide to create an advert to see if anyone else would want to join the exciting journey! They sit and wait until eventually a kangaroo arrives. The kangaroo tells them that he would really like to come with them as he is far too hot. He is fed up of the hot weather in Australia and would therefore like to go somewhere cooler. The kangaroo suggests going somewhere like Antarctica as he has heard that it is a lot colder there!


The animals find out that the kangaroo is an expert submarine driver and can therefore drive them to Antarctica, giving the crocodile a well-deserved break! As they begin to cross the Southern Ocean, the engines start to judder and shake before stopping completely. The submarine drifts until it hits an iceberg with a penguin sitting on it. The animals ask the penguin for help. The penguin explains that the submarine has just frozen over and that he can break the ice with his beak. The animals struggle with the cold as they have no way of keeping warm. The animals decide to continue their travels and ask the penguin if he’d like to come with them as way of saying thank you for helping them.


The kangaroo begins to drive the submarine again, not sure of where they will end up; but hoping it will be somewhere warmer. The submarine travels to Asia where the kangaroo cannot wait to get off the submarine. He explains that his legs are hurting and needs to do some bouncing so off he goes without the other animals. When he doesn’t return, the animals become worried and decide that they should go and look for him. The animals meet a panda who has seen the kangaroo jump by and takes the animals to where she thinks he is. Eventually they find him hiding on Mount Everest as he has been chased by a tiger who tried to catch him and eat him!


The kangaroo tells the animals that they need to leave Asia because he is too frightened of the tigers and therefore cannot possibly stay here! They make their way back to the submarine and set off once again. Whilst travelling through the Indian Ocean it becomes very rough and stormy. After an eventful night, the submarine washes up on the shores of Africa. The submarine has broken in the storm and the animals panic that they are stranded. Suddenly a troop of lizards appear with their tool bags, ready to fix the submarine. The lizards explain that it may take a while to fix so they should go and explore the amazing things in Africa. One of the lizards says that he will show them around. As they explore, the animals tell the lizard of all of the things that they have seen and done on their journey so far. The lizard thinks it is amazing and decides that he wants to also join.


They again set off sail, deciding that they will visit North America. As they are crossing the Pacific Ocean they are suddenly attacked by a vicious shark, breaking the motor on the submarine. The engine breaks and the animals panic. They are luckily saved by a group of dolphins who drag the submarine to shore. The animals assess the damage and decide to embark on fixing it themselves. This will be tricky as the parts are in different places across North America so will mean a huge scavenger hunt!


The animals split off to find each of the different parts and together they manage to fix the submarine. Whilst the other animals fix the submarine, Seb sits down, feeling sad. The other animals notice and wonder what is wrong. He explains to the animals that he is missing his friend Herbert and that he wishes he was here. The animals decide to try and cheer him up by organising a party for Herbert on their return. They send invitations to him back in England.


The animals board the submarine once again, not telling Seb where they are going. They secretly sail back to Europe, making their way back to England to surprise Seb with a party for him and Herbert where they share all of their stories from the adventure. Herbert is amazed by all that has happened so they decide to begin the journey once again.