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Week 1

Monday - Harry Potter

Here is a short extract from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.  As you read through the text, try and picture exactly what the author is trying to describe.  Then draw a picture of two or three of the characters described in the text.  For example, you could draw a picture of the girl after she has drunk her medicine (see example below).  You can either draw it on a piece of paper, take a photo of it and upload it to Purple mash, or draw it straight on to Purple Mash.  Remember to add labels to show that you have used the text to help you draw your picture.

Tuesday - Read through the text and then answer the questions about it on Purple Mash

Plastics and the Environment


1     When were plastics first made?



2     Tick two good points about plastics.

Plastics can be…



Tick two.

nice to smell.


any shape.






many colours.



3     Why can plastics be dangerous when they melt?



4     Give two problems with landfill sites.

1. ____________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________



5     What are most plastics made from today?

Give two things.

1. ________________________________________

2. ________________________________________


6     What might plastics be made from in the future?

Give two things.

1. ________________________________________

2. ________________________________________


7     Look at the section headed: Re-use

Find and copy the word that means the same as “given away”.



8     Look at the section headed: Recycle

Give one thing that can be made from recycled plastics.



9     Draw lines to match the words below to their meaning.


10   Put ticks in the table to show which sentences are true and which are false.

One has been done for you.


The information says that...



recycling is a good way to get rid of
unwanted plastics.


we should use more things made of plastic.



today we use plastics a lot.



plastic is hard to get rid of.



plastics rot.












Re-read the text 'Plastics and the environment' again.  Underline any words that you are unsure of what they mean and then ask your mum or dad to help you use Google to search for the meaning.

I would like to to use the information in the text to create a recycling poster.  You should include key information and pictures about recycling on your poster.  You can either draw it on a piece of paper, then take a photo and upload it to Purple Mash or draw and write it directly onto Purple Mash.

Here is an extract from the story - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Use the information you have just read to predict and suggest different possibilities of who or what the workers are.  (If you already know then come up with a different idea to the author).  Think about the information we have been given, for example, 'shadows seen at the window'.  Use a spider diagram to come up with lots of different ideas of what you think could be happening in the factory.  

Example of a spider diagram. You can use a blank piece of paper to write on or use the template on Purple Mash


Re-read the Charlie and the Chocolate extract.  Today I want you to look closely at the descriptions of the sweets that the different factories make.  For example, the chewing gum that never runs out of taste.  I would like you to create your own exciting new product that could be even better than Willy Wonka's!  Talk to your mum or dad about some of your ideas.  Then draw a picture of it and write some descriptive sentences about them.  You can upload your pictures and writing on to Purple Mash for me to see and make me very hungry!!!!