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Week 1


This week we will focus on telling the time.  The main 'time' we learn in year 2 are: O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  Once we are confident with these we can move on to telling the time to five minutes (e.g. ten past, twenty to).


Begin by looking at the analogue time poster below.  This will remind you of where the hands point for some of the main times we learn.  Have a chat with your adult about the poster.  Maybe you could be the teacher and teach the adult!


Then have a go at playing the game on the website below.  Begin playing on level 1 which is o'clock, half past, quarter to or quarter past.  Once you have played this several times and your adult thinks you are confident with those times then you can have a go at level 2.


After the game I would like you to log some of the main events you do today and the time they happened.  Please write them in words and focus on o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past to times.


For example:

Woke up - 7 o'clock

Ate breakfast - half past 7

Did some school work - quarter past 9.


Log these on Purple Mash, 'A time log of my day'


These slides will explain how we read the other numbers on a clock.  Have an adult read through each slide with you to help explain it further.  


Once you have read through the slides have a go at tell an adult the times on these pictures.  Then go to Purple Mash and you can complete the times on the maths work sheet for today.  



Digital time.

Today I would like you to use what you have learnt about the analogue clock(o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past) and begin to link it with the digital clock.  First have a look around your house can you find an analogue clock and a digital clock (there are some pictures below to show you the difference between the two types of clocks).


Now play the game on the web link below to practice matching the analogue times with the digital.


Using what you learnt yesterday, draw a line to match the analogue clock to the digital clock showing the same time.  Tell your adult what time each clock shows.


Time Challenge

Can you chat this challenge question through with an adult?

Write your answer and ideas on Purple Mash.

There is also a review sheet to answer on Purple Mash for you to do.