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Week 1 - 01.06.20


To start our dragon adventure, I'd like you to listen to this story and look at the pictures... 

Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

Day 1 - Dragon Research

Before we start our dragon adventure, let's do a little dragon research! Dragons have been part of many myths and legends for centuries now. Create a mind map about everything you can find on dragons. This will help you with the rest of this weeks activities. 

Use the links below to help with your research:


Day 2 - Dragon Eggs

Below are some illustrations taken from the book you have just listened to called "Tell Me a Dragon". Imagine you have stumbled across these dragon eggs... Choose some of your favourite dragon eggs and predict what kind of dragon you think might be in there. Crate a dragon catalogue of all the different eggs you have found and which species you think will be in there. 


Day 3 - Designing your own dragon egg

Now imagine that you spot an egg in the distance, all alone. What does it look like? Can you design your very own dragon egg? Think about the type of dragon you would like to be in there, and what their egg would look like. Below are some videos you may want to watch to help you draw a dragon egg. You might even want to go all out and actually MAKE your own dragon egg? There are lots of cool ideas on Pinterest

How To Draw Fire Dragon Egg From Dragon Mania Legends - Step By Step Drawing

How To Draw Terra Dragon Egg From Dragon City - Step By Step Drawing

Day 4 - Designing your own dragon

Now it's time to draw your very own dragon! Imagine that the egg has hatched.... What does your dragon look like? You may want to use the "Tell me a dragon" book for some ideas or watch the video below from "How to Train your Dragon" for some more ideas. Below are some tutorials of how you can draw your very own dragon too. Have fun! 

Dragon Stats - HTTYD 2 Bonus Feature

How To Draw A Dragon

Day 5 - Dragon Passport

Now you've drawn your dragon, you'll need to make them a dragon passport!