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Week 1 w/c 1.6.20

Day 1

As I’m sure you’ve read in the story, you will now know that our new adventure is set in the country of Italy. This week we are going to focus our learning on the country before going on to focus more closely on Pompeii.


Today I’d like you to find out as much as you can about the country of Italy. Here are some websites that would be good to use.


You could find out about some of these key areas: the continent it is in, the population, the capital city, the climate, the currency, the language, the history of the country, the flag, the geography of the country like mountains and beaches, the culture, the food, famous Italians and Italian animals.


When you’ve found out some information, you can either go on Purple Mash and complete a 2do for an Italian report or you could do your own on paper to show the information you've found out. You could draw pictures and write some of the information you have There is a template below that you could use as inspiration for how to set it out.


Day 2
In normal years, tourism is a huge part of Italian culture and how the country makes money. With over 60 million tourists a year, Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world. People mainly visit Italy for its culture, food, history, fashion and art, its beautiful coastline and beaches, its mountains, and ancient monuments.


Today I’d like you to learn a bit about one of the main tourist attractions in Italy – which is the Colosseum in the capital city of Rome. First watch these videos from YouTube.


You could also use these websites to help you learn a bit more.


Can you watch the videos and answer these questions about the Colosseum:
When was the Colosseum built?
Who asked for it to be built?
What was used to build the Colosseum?
What is the size of the Colosseum?
How many people could fit in the Colosseum?
What happened in the Colosseum all those years ago?
Which wild animals were used in the fights?
When were the first games played?
What has destroyed part of the Colosseum over the years?


If you want to do a little bit extra, you could see what other landmarks are famous in Italy. There are other famous landmarks in Rome, in Venice, in Pisa, in Milan, in Florence and many more. See if you can find them out and a bit about them.


Day 3

Today I’d like you to have a go at some art. I’d like you to choose one of the photos of famous Italian landmarks from the website below and sketch it. For your sketch of a famous Italian landmark, you could watch the video below to get an idea of how to achieve a lifelike drawing.


Day 4

Today we’re going to get into the Italian spirit by learning some key Italian words. Try to learn some of them below by reading them from the pictures. When you’ve learnt them, go and impress someone in your house by speaking some Italian.

Can you find out what the Italian is for different colours and days of the week? You could display these on a poster.


If you're not sure how to say the words in Italian go onto google and type in 'English to Italian translation and pronunciation' then type the word in English into the left hand box. Then the word will convert to Italian. When it has converted, click on the sound button and your computer will say the word correctly.

Day 5

Today I’d like you to focus on something that makes Italy so famous: FOOD! Italian food, like pizza and pasta, is popular all over the world. Follow the link to find out more about Italian food.

When you have this information, I’d like you to create our own Italian menu. You need to create your own starter, main and dessert. You could design a beautiful menu with pictures and decorations or make one on Purple Mash.

If you were able to get the ingredients this weekend you could make your own Italian pizzas to enjoy by following one of these recipes.