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Week 1 w/c 1.6.20

Day 1

Each week will start in the same way - reading the chapter that you'll be working on that week. So today your job is to read the first chapter (find the link on the previous page). Watch the video below and I'll read the first part of the chapter to you.


This may take you a little while so you could keep taking breaks and could even see if someone would read some of it to you as well. As you are reading, like we do in school, stop at different times to think about what has happened. Whilst you are reading, I'd like you to make some notes of key events that happen and the main characters so you can keep along with the story.

Kensuke Chapter 1

Day 2

So in Chapter 1 we learnt that Michael and his family had decided to go travelling around the world on the Peggy Sue. This is such a huge life-changing decision and one that some people would be ‘for’ and others would be ‘against’.


I want you to think of both sides to the argument of whether the family should leave their home to travel the world and write them down under two headings: for and against. Then write your own argument for which side you are on.


You could set it out similar to the sheet I've put below. Or I've set a 2do on Purple Mash for a debate that you could write it into.


An example of a reason 'for' could be that the experiences they would gain seeing different places and cultures around the world.

An example of a reason 'against' could be that they are not experienced sailors so may get into danger.

Day 3

Today I would like you to have a go at answering some fact retrieval and inference questions. Remember to keep going back to the text to re-read parts that might help you answer the questions.

1) Why do you think the main character's name is Michael?

2) How old was Michael when he disappeared?

3) What was the date of Michael’s disappearance?
How old is Michael when he finally retells his story?

5) Why did Michael’s father refer to school as “The Monkey School”?

6) Why were Sunday’s always ‘special’ to Michael and his family?

7) What news did the ominous letter bring?

8) How did the family change after they had received the letter?

9) How did Michael’s dad feel about his son having a paper round?

10) What is the ‘Peggy Sue’?

11) How did Michael feel towards Barnacle Bill? Give evidence to support your answer.

12) How did the family get on with each other on the journey so far? Use the text to back up your ideas.


Day 4
Today I want you to imagine you’re going on your own adventure sailing around the world. Think about what you would need/want to take with you to make your journey enjoyable, safe and stop you from missing home.


You can present your ideas however you would like but there is an idea below for how you could write, draw and explain your chosen items.


Day 5

Today you have two activities to have a go at.


The first one is a word meaning task where you need to find the word in the chapter, write down the sentence that the word appears in and then try to work out what the word means. Remember to use the text to work out the meaning. Can you think of a word that would replace it so that the sentence still makes sense. Find the sheet below with the words to find out.


Your other task is to have a go at sketching what you think the Peggy Sue boat looks like from reading the description of it in the book. I've also set a 2do on Purple Mash if you wanted to draw it on there.



Ready for next week

Your homework for this weekend is to read chapter 2. This is because next week we will be working on chapter 3. Spread out the reading over the weekend and remember to write down any key points to help you understand the story.