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Week 1

This week we are going to be thinking about the different parts of number addition sentences and the part part whole model shown below. 

I have 4 white fishes and 3 silver fishes. 

We are making the number sentence 4 + 3 = 

Below you can see how I would write this as 4 is a part and 3 is a part.


Next count all the fish adding to find out how many fish there are altogether and write the whole numeral in the top circle. 

You can then use different amounts of fish to create your own part part whole models. 

Even if your child just counts how many there are altogether and makes marks for how many there are this will be good practise. 



Tuesday - Make a Clownfish with10 stripes

Make a Clownfish and try to draw on ten stripes. Colour then using the repeated pattern Orange, white, orange, white. 
How many orange stripes have you ended up with and how many white stripes? 
Can you show this using a part - part whole model? 

If you have made 10 altogether then 10 goes in the top circle. 5 and 5 in the bottom two circles - this would be an equal number of stripes coloured orange and white. How many other different numbers of stripes could you have that still make 10? Would the pattern still stay the same? 

Wednesday - Part part whole model with Fish

Showing the part-part whole model with Fish


Write the number sentence 4 + 1 = above your part part whole model. 

Draw 4 fish for one part (4 is a part) and 1 fish for the other part (1 is a part). How many do they make altogether? Can you count how many there are altogether? Draw the total amount of fish in the whole circle at the top. Repeat with different amounts to make 5. How many different ways can you find with fish to make 5 using the part part whole model. 




Thursday - Part whole model number bonds to 5

Hi everybody! Yesterday we explored the part whole model with number bonds to 5 using fish. 

Today I have set you a worksheet to complete if you're feeling like a mathemagician. I'm sure you'll be able to whizz through this! Remember you need to put the right amount of dots in the circles to make 5 altogether.

Part whole model number bonds to 5

Friday - adding fish to ten.

Hi everyone - you have done so well below is a worksheet with lots of sea creatures on it. 
Can you find the answers by adding two groups together. 
Maybe you could have a go at showing one of these using the part whole model.