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Week 1

Day 1 - 

Can you follow and join along with the phonics lesson below? 

Day 2 - 

Go on to the link below and play some phonics games on Phonics Bloom. It is the same website we use at school so you should all know and be experts at the games. 

Day 3 - 

Today I want you to go on a phonics hunt! Look at the list below, sound out the word and then see if you can find it around your house! Once you've found it you can tick it off. Some of the words are put on there to trick you you won't find all of them in your house. 

Day 4 - 

Follow my phonics lesson. Make sure you join in!

Day 5 - 

Go on Phonics Play and play the treasure game. Once you have done this, see if you can create your own real and fake words and see if your family can sort them out into the right box!