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Week 1

DAY 1 - 

Hi Year One! Please watch the video below and answer the questions at the end of the video. Let's see who was paying attention!


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Day 2 - 

For today's task I would like you to go to the Oxford Owl website (link below) and pick a story to try and read. Have a go at reading it on your own, then with a family member. Remember your special friends. 

DAY 3 - 

Answer these questions on the story below. 

1) What dance did the rhino's do? 

2) How do you know Gerald was sad when he could not dance?

3) Who told Gerald that he just needed a different song to dance to? 

4) How do you think the other animals felt when they saw Gerald dance?


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Day 4 - 

Read the phonics story below. Then, answer these questions. 

1) What colour is the blackbirds bill? 

2) What does a blackbird eat? 

3) How many eggs does a blackbird have?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Day 5 - 

I would like you to create your own story for today's task. Who is going to be in it? Is it going to be about dragons or princesses? Is there going to be a zombie takeover of the world or do we need to battle the flying dragons in order to get home to our castle?