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Week 2 - 08.06.20



Day 1 - Counting in 6, 7 and 9 

Complete the following sequences:

Challenge: Choose a starting number and count in 6s, 7s and 9s from that number. What is the difference between each number you end up at? Can you explain why? 


Day 2 - Counting in 25s

Complete the following sequences


Day 3 - Counting backwards through 0 using negative numbers


Day 4 - Counting backwards through 0 using negative numbers

Being able to count back through 0 can help you understand temperature changes. Imagine a thermometer is a number line on its side. Use these thermometers to help you answer the questions on the next page. 

Challenge: Can you make your own questions? 

Day 5 - Counting Raps! 

As it's Friday, let's have a little fun to finish our week of counting. There are loads of fun counting raps on YouTube to help you with your counting which will also help you with your times tables! Have a listen to the examples below and see if you can make your own. Choose your favourite song as a backing track and make a memorable rap! 

Counting By Eights Song

Counting By Sixes Song