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Week 2

Day 1 - 

At a care home near me they are seeing if they can make the biggest snake ever made from pebbles! I was wondering if today you could go into your garden, or when you go on your walk, and try and look for a nice big pebble / rock. Once your home, design it in anyway you want! Then when we're all back together we can make our own pebble snake!

Day 2 - 

Let's hope it is nice weather today as you will be going outside! Don't worry if it's not, just swap today's activity for another days and complete this one when it is sunny. I would like you to go on a nature hunt using the picture below. Think about what you can see, smell, hear and touch. Can you find any animals homes? Why do you think they have chosen to build a home there? Would you live there?

Day 3 - 

Today let's get fit! I am sure that you are getting lots of exercise, but if you're not then today you can! What I would like you to do is create your own obstacle course for your family. You can either make it outside, or in. Have a look at the video below to help you with ideas. Once you have done this, you can create your own work out video. You could include star jumps, touching toes, press ups, climbing the rope etc. 

How to make a rainy day obstacle course

This video shows you how to keep your kids busy on a rainy day. Let them make a rainy day obstacle course out of furniture, pillows and blankets. More info o...

Day 4 - 

I have seen some really cool pictures made by using just a potato and paint! I would like you to try and create your own potato picture. All you need to do is have an adult cut a potato in half, then paint it with any colour you like and create an amazing picture! If you want to make shapes with the potato, ask an adult to cut it for you. Don't cut anything by yourselves!

Day 5 - 

The past few months have been hard not being able to see all of our friends and family so today I want us to think about all of our family and have fantastic they are! I would like you to fill out a family tree using the template below. A family tree shows you all of your family. For example, at the bottom of the tree would be yourselves as your the youngest. Then it would be your parents, then grandparents. See how much you can fill out.